Rates & Hours

Investing in massage is an

 investment in your health.

This business is operated using a structured sliding scale pricing model. Use the chart and definitions below to place yourself appropriately.

Supported: For those with limited financial resources who would be burdened by paying fair value for my services. This category is for folks who may have some expendable income but still live mostly paycheck to paycheck, may own a lower-end car, may be able to take vacation or time off every couple years, have limited access to healthcare or government-assisted healthcare, rent low/mid-end or own low-end property, may be employed but are not especially well-compensated for their time.

Fair: For those with sufficient to abundant financial resources who can pay fair value for my services. The Fair category is for folks who are regularly able to meet their basic needs, may have some debt but it doesn’t prevent attainment of basic needs, have monthly expendable income, have access to healthcare, have access to financial savings, rent or own mid/ high-end property and/or a mid/high-end vehicle, can take a vacation or two annually without significant financial burden, are employed and decently-compensated for their time or do not need to work to meet needs. Placement on the lower end of the Fair scale would mean that you meet many of the descriptions above and some from the description of the Supported category, while the higher end of the Fair category leans toward more abundance of expendable income, assets, and financial privilege.
In this category you may still have to sacrifice other optional goods or services to be able to pay for my services, but it does not put you in an especially burdensome position to do so.

Supportive: For those with sufficient to abundant financial resources to pay fair value and a desire to balance out the scale at the highest end. If you have the resources and the goodwill to help make this system work for everyone we all thank you!
Session Length­ Supported Fair Supportive ­
30 minutes­ $50-$60 $65-$75­ $80-$85
45 minutes­ $70-$80 $90-$100 $105-$110
60 minutes­ $90-$100 $110-$125 $130-$135
75 minutes­ $110-$120 $130-$150 $155-$160
90 minutes­ $135-$145 $150-$170 $175-$185
105 minutes­ $155-$165 $175-$195 $200-$­215
120 minutes­ $180-$190 $195-$215 $220-$235

Hours of Operation

Monday                   11:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday                  CLOSED

Wednesday            1:00pm - 7:00pm

Thursday                CLOSED

Friday                      10:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday                 CLOSED

Sunday                    CLOSED

Scheduling & Cancellation Policies 

- Arrive 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to allow time to check in about our goals for the session and begin your massage at the scheduled appointment time. When you arrive, wash your hands and then check if my door is open. If so, come on back! If closed, take a seat in the waiting room and I'll be with you shortly.

- 48-hour cancellation notice required to avoid fees. With less than 48 hours notice, if I am able to fill your appointment time then no fee will be incurred. If less than 48 hours notice is provided, but sooner than 24 hours, and I am not able to fill the spot, half the fee will be incurred. If equal to or less than 24 hours notice is provided and I am not able to fill the spot then a full charge will be incurred. Exceptions include: illness, emergencies, and inclement weather.

- The day before your massage I will send a text message reminder.  However, these reminders should not be your only record of your appointment. It is your responsibility to keep track of your appointment and cancel or reschedule as per the cancellation policy.