Receiving therapeutic massage is an excellent way to connect with yourself. Relax your mind and tune up your body to provide yourself with the maintenence you deserve to live your best life.

No two massages should be identical.

Explore your options with several different modalities offered!

No matter which session you choose, rest assured that all detergents used are natural and unscented.

Every oil-based session utilizes organically-grown, hypo-allergenic, pure Jojoba Oil infused with pain-relieving essential oils.

Western Style Massage Therapy 

Western style massage is recommeded for clients wanting to focus on a particular dysfuntion or problem area(s), or a full-body massage with some extra attention in certain areas. These sessions incorporate Myofascial Release Therapy and Neuromuscular Therapy techniques, tied together with the soothing strokes of Swedish Relaxation Massage and are performed with clothing removed, while the client remains appropriately draped under a sheet and blanket at all times.  

These sessions range from 15-120 minutes.

Myofascial Release Therapy
The word 'Myofascial' refers to muscle (myo) plus the network of connective tissue that runs all through our bodies (fascia). Fascia is a continuous web which surrounds and attaches to our muscles, bones, and organs.  It gives our muscles their shape and supports them, thus it is what ultimately determines the length and function of our muscles.  
Ideally, fascia is well hydrated and flexible which keeps our movements unrestricted and balanced. When we are stressed it becomes rigid, dehydrated, fibrotic, and constrained.  Fascia is chock-full of nerve-endings which means it produces pain when it becomes restricted.  Myofascial pain could be experienced as deep and aching, sharp and stabbing, burning; or it could manifest as weakness or stiffness in certain areas, or difficulty sleeping through the night. 
Myofascial Release Therapy is performed without the use of oil and is therefore often used at the beginning of a session, follwed by oil based techniques. Rather than sliding across the skin, the point is to deeply engage the tissues with pressure from the practitioners hands and bodyweight and let myofascial tissues release themselves under the slow and sustained pressure. Most clients experience deep relief from this wonderful technique.
Neuromuscular Therapy
You might think of Neuromuscular Therapy as 'deep tissue' massage. The intention is to locate hyperirratable trigger points, often referred to as muscle knots, and apply an appropriate amount of sustained pressure, as well as multi-directional friction, to cause trigger points to release, and adhesions to be broken up so muscle tissue fibers can realign. This reduces soft tissue pain and excessive nerve stimulation, and restores local tissue circulation and muscle range of motion.
It is important that together with your practioner you find an appropriate amount of pressure that will prove to be beneficial. Too little pressure and not much will be accomplished, too much and it will only cause more pain and stress rather than allow the tissue to release. 
"Emma is a genius! I have quite a few ‘problem areas’ from running, climbing, fieldwork and –unfortunately– general stress and sitting at a computer far too much. Luckily, Emma always sorts me out. I once had terrible back and shoulder pains for months, but half an hour of some very specific work on some muscles I didn't even know I had solved the problem for several months! She has such a loving touch and wholesome energy, which is evident in her practice and leaves you feeling happy and rejuvenated."
Rosa, Research Scientist 
"I have found Emma to be incredibly responsive to my needs, whether I just want to relax or I have an injury or chronic pain that I want to help heal. She focuses on problem areas with loving care and dedication; her skill at myofascial release (something I knew nothing about until my first massage with her) is amazing! She works on the muscles, skin, and the many layers of tissue in between, which are apparently called fascia and require TLC to stay healthy just as muscles do. In just a few sessions with Emma, I am learning so much about the human body and how to take care of mine. She is amazing - hands down, the best massage I’ve ever received!”
Jenny, Teacher & Mother of Two

Eastern Style Massage Therapy 

Shiatsu is recommended for clients looking for a full body massage which will relax, rejuvenate, and relieve pain.  The form of Shiatsu Emma practices, Kata Shiatsu, is performed on a traditional massage table. No oil is used with this type of massage and the client wears comfortable clothing throughout the session. 

Due to the nature of the work, clients must weigh no more than 200 pounds to receive Shiatsu from me.

Shiatsu sessions are 90-120 minutes.


Shiatsu is a dynamic full body massage performed with the intent to facilitate the flow of chi, or energy, in the body. It is a form of Japanese bodywork based on traditional Chinese medicine theories which have a strong holistic emphasis.  In addition to all the components of the body accepted in Western anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicince maps out 14 primary energetic channels and hundreds of key points along these channels. While acupuncture involves placing needles in these channels and key points, Shiatsu uses acupressure, massage, and facilitated stretching techniques to create an enjoyable and therapeutic massage experience. By pressing the channels, stimulating key points, and mobilizing the joints and tissues, clients experience a very complete and thorough feeling massage. Clients typically feel peaceful, grounded, and energized at the end of a session.
A massage from Emma is always a boon to my overall health. Now that she has added Shiatsu massage to her repertoire it's a whole new level of long-term benefits! My mind and body felt so good after my first Shiatsu massage and the second one was even more extensive. I have felt great for weeks; before Emma I didn't know I could even experience a day pain free. I greatly appreciate her dedication to continuing her education and caring so much.
Claudia, Stay-at-Home Mom